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Meet Dan Signore

Hi! I’m Dan, the site coordinator for the 3 rd – 6 th grade level and I’ve been at CCW for 10+ years now. I feel very fortunate to have found in CCW a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding “job” where I get to help facilitate learning and development for the children of Weston at a crucial age. With all that goes on during the school day, we feel that its more important than ever to provide a screen free – supportive and welcoming community that will naturally help to strengthen social skills and encourage healthy interaction in a positive, safe environment. Of course, we do all this with FUN in mind and do our best to keep up with the ever-changing world of kid culture. Given my many years of experience working with children I can confidently say that CCW is truly a special place ripe with tradition and full of great people (ages 5- 65+). I’m constantly being reminded that this place has just as much if not more to offer me than I could hope to offer it working here, which I plan to do as long as I can!