February Vacation Fun!

We had a fun time with friends at CCW on February Vacation. We were so lucky to enjoy day trips to Planet Gymnastics, cupcake decorating, a trip to an ice cream parlor and enjoyed a movie at Belmont Studio Cinema! In our classrooms we enjoyed a visit with Animal Adventures, had archeological digs, enjoyed a day on outer space and made galactic space slime! What a great week! Looking forward to more fun on Spring Break in April!

Galactic Slime recipe (non - edible):

One 5 oz bottle of Elmers Glue (plain white, glitter, clear, glow in the dark)
2 Tbls Contact Lens solution
1 tsp baking soda
(or use special Elmer’s slime reactor liquid in slime kits in lieu of contact lens solution and baking soda)
glitter or food coloring to add to plain white or clear Elmer’s glue

Mix ingredients together until they form good slime consistency. Add more contact lens solution if too dry. If too liquid, add more baking soda until you get the best consistency. Place in clear container to store and keep away from young children and pets. Slime is non-edible.

Beth Perry